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Welcome to Olive Bush Camp In Masai Mara


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Excellent Service is the backbone of any service industry! At Olive Bush Camp, we strive to provide exceptional service; always. Meet the team that makes it happen

Jaspal Arora

Being a third generation Kenyan, I have visited The Masai Mara several times. But the real calling came in June 2019, when I went for my very first photographic safari to Masai Mara. Since 2019, I have started looking at the Magical Masai Mara through the lens of a camera. Mara not only is world renowned for the great Wildebeest migration, but also offers photographers and wildlife lovers, the expanse population of other animals. “The location of our camp in the heart of the Mara along the Mara River, is a photographers paradise, and my vision is that it becomes The Camp for conservation lovers.”

Deepa Balaji

Offering guests an opportunity to experience the vast savannah grasslands, this gorgeous land of the Big 5 is what excited me about starting Olive Bush Camp. Together, with Jaspal Arora, Deepa hopes to build Olive Bush Camp as a place where guests can experience the magical beauty of the Mara along with its beautiful, gracious Masais, and their culture. “Masai Mara captures the heart of everyone who visits and I was no exception to falling in love with Mesmerizing Mara and of course home is where the heart is!”

Lydia Cherotich

Camp Manager
Lydia takes pride in ensuring all guests have an exceptional and amazing stay with us. Ensuring that no detail is too big or too small for her, she ensures all guest needs are met.

Dixon Rotiken and Oliver Kiminza

Chefs Dixon and Oliver prepare some of the most amazing and finger licking food you would have ever tasted. Sitting facing the Mara river. Hearing the chirping of the birds, hearing the grunt of hippos just makes the whole experience amazing! Olive Bush Camp caters and cares for people with all food habits and dietary restrictions; to vegetarians, Vegans, Non vegetarians, Lactose intolerant, those with allergies.